Asia Rates

Asia Deposits by Country

CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
Uzbekistan11%$3,76230,492,80020.00% - UZSApr 2016
Mongolia8.3%4,7442,982,86115.10% - MNTApr 2016
Azerbaijan2.4%9,552,50012.20%-11.50% - AZNApr 2016
Armenia6.2%5,3923,009,80011.00% - AMDApr 2016
Kazakhstan5.8%14,39117,353,70010.5% - KZTApr 2016
Myanmar8.9%132751,419,42010.00% - MMKApr 2016
Turkmenistan9%9,5105,830,7569.00% - TMTApr 2016
India6.8%3,2751,262,530,0008.25% - INRApr 2016
Pakistan7.7%2,683188,145,0007.27% - PKRApr 2016
Vietnam18.9%2,94289,708,9007.20% - VNDApr 2016
Deposit Rates by Major Countries
CountryInflationGDPPopulationInterest RateChangeCurrencyLast Updated
China5.4%6,7781,367,900,0002.50% - RMBApr 2016
Japan0.4%32,554127,090,0000.10% - JPYApr 2016
India6.8%3,2751,262,530,0008.25% - INRApr 2016

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Asia Discussion Activity

  • Laos
    Q: I already have a saving account with BCEL.I would like to ask you about the 5 year fixed deposit (Monthly) interest rates.Is it 11.65% or 11% for monthly?I am comparing with other Banks in Laos to see which bank can give me higher rates.I plan to deposit in KIP..The amount of 60 million baht will be transfer from my Thailand bank.

    Aaron from Khon Kaen, Thailand
  • Philippines
    Q: i wish to open a bank account in the Philippines I'm a British national. I'm currently staying in Cebu but will travel out to other parts of Asia and UK but will be based here. Can I open an account and how do I arrange this

    Brian from United States
  • Iraq
    Q:I have been following the progress of your country for many years and see the great milestones being made. I have a question to whom of it may concern in the CBI, do you feel that with the new monetary reforms coming and the support from the IMF the value of the Dinar will increase in value? I'm sure its a question many have asked and I do not know if you can answer the question directly so just your thoughts would be appreciatedMy second question is about opening an account. Would that be done in United States dollars or Iraqi DinarThank you GregUSA

    greg from Ashburn, United States
  • Pakistan
    Q: in mcb islamic banking......incase of lost how much % will bear the bank and how much % by the customer????

    ismail from Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Iraq
    Q: I have an account at your bank since 2010. I have not been able to get a response from anyone. My credit card expired in January 2016how do I get a new on and find out if my money is still there?

    Daniel from Fort Smith, United States