Asia Deposits By Banks

Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Ravnaq Bank 11 2001 Uzbekistan 20.00% - UZS Jun 2018
Khan Bank 520 1991 Mongolia 15.00% - MNT Feb 2018
Eurasian Bank 24 1994 Kazakhstan 10.50% - KZT Jun 2018
KBZ Bank 200 1194 Myanmar 10.00% - MMK Feb 2018
Access Bank 42 2002 Azerbaijan 10.00% - AZN Aug 2018
Turkmen Turkish Bank 1993 Turkmenistan 9.00% - TMT Jul 2018
Nepal Bank 112 1994 Nepal 8.00% - NPR Feb 2018
OCB Orient Commercial Bank 82 1996 Vietnam 7.80% - VND Jun 2018
Kotak Mahindra Bank 1985 India 7.75% - INR Jun 2018
Axis Bank 1947 1994 India 7.30% - INR Jun 2018
Deposit Rates by Major Countries
Bank Branch Founded Country Interest Rate Change Currency Last Updated
Bank Of Communications 2,700 1908 China 2.25% - RMB Jun 2018
Bank Of China 10,863 1912 China 1.75% - RMB Jun 2018
ICBC 16,648 1984 China 1.75% - RMB Jun 2018
China Construction Bank 13,500 1954 China 1.75% - RMB Mar 2018
Agricultural Bank Of China 23,472 1951 China 1.75% - RMB Jun 2018

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  • Q: When I click on "1 year rate" there is a list of 10 currencies with high interest rate. Any Company or Bank or fund doing the consolidation so that I can spread the risk among these 10 currencies?

    Reply Andy Amarshi from London, United Kingdom

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